Electric cars lined up for REFUEL 2012

Tesla Model S smokes the Tesla Roadster at REFUEL 2012 electric car race

While the Tesla Model S has all the appearances of a luxury sedan, under the covers is the power plant of a sports car, as was proved last weekend when four Model S's took the top positions in a large electric car time trial race.

Under the sleek luxury sedan facade of the Tesla Model S is, we now know thanks to last weekends REFUEL race, an awesome electric sports car. Tesla's iconic electric car, the Roadster, is widely regarded as a top performing electric sports car, and due to it being built on a Lotus sports car, the Roadster looks the part. The Model S, however, looks like a luxury sedan, seating five people (or 7 with the optional third seating), and would be the last car you'd expect to smoke a Tesla Roadster. But at the 2012 REFUEL race, the top four lap times in the production electric car class were Tesla Model S's, followed by four Tesla Roadsters.

Clearly the Model S, while appearing to be a luxury sedan, and which has been shipping to customers for only a week, has the heart and soul of a top end electric sports car. One that unseats the Tesla Roadster as the prime example of the "100% torque at 0 RPM" paradigm which made the Roadster so iconic.


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Were they Performance models? Supposedly an even hotter version (Sport Handling Package, or SLT) will be released in Q1 or so.