2013 Pius electric kit car

The Pius DIY electric car kit gives the enjoyment of building an electric car

Building your own electric car and learning electric vehicle technology could become real easy next year when the Pius electric car kit goes on sale in Japan.

Just a few years ago those of us who wanted an electric car had only two choices, either locate one of the few that survived the electric car crushing frenzy, or build your own. Very few people have the willingness to spend a year or so building an electric car, which meant very few DIY electric car conversions were ever made. Thanks to Modi Corp. a DIY kit, named the Pius, will be available in 2013 to build an electric car. Well, a micro-car, anyway. And, no, that's not a misspelling, Pius is the name of the kit.

The Pius electric car kit was designed by Modi Corp to allow anyone to learn how to build electric vehicles, and have hands-on experience with the technology. Speaking from experience, building an electric car conversion is a great way to learn about electric vehicle the technology first hand, but converting an electric car from scratch is daunting. The Pius kit comes with everything required to build an electric car from the ground up. You assemble the frame, suspension, wheels, cockpit, steering, rear view mirrors, electronics, wiring, drive train, and put the shell on.


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hi there, is there any contact info about how to order one? what about price ranges? thanks.