2011 Nissan Leaf battery pack

Nissan's latest Leaf videos discusses battery pack warranties and the new plant in Smyrna TN

Many are concerned about warranty coverage of the Nissan Leaf battery pack, it's expected useful life-time, what sort of repairs are needed for the battery pack, and what about that factory in Smyrna that's supposed to increase Nissan Leaf production.

Nissan latest in their series of online videos about the Nissan Leaf covers the performance of the battery pack, and the factory Nissan is building in Smyrna TN that will dramatically expand production of the Leaf. Earlier videos in the series covered optimal charging practices for the Nissan Leaf, and some basic concepts about the Leaf. The videos feature Nissan North America's Director of Product Planning, Mark Perry, answering questions posed on the Nissan Leaf facebook page.

Perry explains the purpose of the videos as an introduction to current and prospective Leaf owners into the electric car, and advanced battery, technology used in the Nissan Leaf.

What is covered in the Nissan Leaf battery pack warranty? First, the canonical reference for battery pack warranty coverage is the owners manual that comes with the Nissan Leaf. The warranty period is 8 years, 100,000 miles, which is a fairly standard warranty for electric car batteries. Perry explains the basic framework of the warranty as "Is the battery putting out enough power" and if not, if something's wrong, then "We'll cover it".


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