Nissan Leaf charging ports

Nissan answers questions about optimally charging the Nissan Leaf

Nissan's latest video on the Nissan Leaf covers what charger installation at home, the speed of charging via various charging station options, fast charging at a CHADEMO DC Fast Charge station, and the optimal charge level.

Nissans' series of educational videos about the Nissan Leaf continues with a discussion of charging considerations. We grew up with cars that are refilled at gasoline stations, making the electrical refilling process "new" and "different" from our gasoline acclimatization.

This video on charging the Nissan Leaf is the second in a series. In the first video Mark Perry, Nissan North America's Director of Product Planning, went over some basic concepts about the Leaf, and opened the floor to further questions. This video is a high level overview of the charging process, the best practices for charging a Nissan Leaf, and even touches on some of the controversy over fast charging on electric cars.


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