Honda's reduce-reuse-recycle of rare earth materials

Honda shows huge environmental gains in CO2 reduction and rare earth metal recycling

Honda's quest for a clean transportation system does not stop at tailpipe emissions, but includes a broad spectrum of sustainability measures including water use reduction, elimination of waste going to landfills, and recycling efforts including extraction of rare earth metals from critical parts.

In order to address climate change and energy issues, Honda has focused for years on reducing CO2 emissions, other greenhouse gas reduction, reduction on the "waste" output created by the company, and recycling materials in Honda's products. An example is the plan announced two months ago to recycle rare earth metals from Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries in the company's hybrid cars.
Honda Automotive released, yesterday, the Honda Environmental Annual Report 2012 summarizing results of the company's environmental initiatives.

A leading item, which warranted its own press release, is Honda's plan to recycle rare earth metals. Honda reiterated the plan to start, by the end of this year, recycling nickel-metal-hydride car batteries to extract the rare earth metals in those batteries. The company is also striving for, and researching, methods to extract similar rare earth metals from the company's other products, including from lithium ion batteries and the magnets in high powered electric motors.


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