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GreenTech Automotive launches tiny electric car with help of Bill Clinton and Haley Barbour

Electric car manufacturing GreenTech Automotive launched, today, its two seater electric car, with top political players like Pres. Bill Clinton, former DNC Chair Terry McAullife, and former RNC Chair Haley Barbour on hand to lend support.

Startup automotive manufacturer, GreenTech Automotive, today launched its first product, the MyCar, a small two-seater electric car. The car brings with it a complex story of global automotive manufacturing, that is claimed will create thousands of American jobs, but along the way the company is building a gigantic factory in China. The American side of the company bought a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, moving the whole company to America, with a business plan constructed by senior Democratic Party political leaders, full of political talking points, that sounds like a political debate rather than normal business-as-usual in the age of globalism.


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Any plan to promote the use of EVs is on the right path. No vehicle is going to appeal to everyone, these will likely find their niche in large cities, and among the young, who are just starting out, and need to comute to work with daily errands. Parents could provide them for kids to get to school and back, and relatively, stay out of trouble.
Given that the guy in charge of this company used to sell nights in the Lincoln Bedroom to the highest "contributor".. he's probably got mad fundraising skillz. This company was actually started back in 2009 by the former CEO of Brilliance, who started that EB-5 visa scam as a "fundraiser" for the idea. They were originally going to build hybrids in China, ship them here, and assemble them in Mississippi for sale. Back then, they were promoting a 5-door compact supposedly (but never tested/proven) capable of 45mpg with the two-door getting 65mpg. They had an electric that could supposedly go 80 miles on a 3-hour wall charge too. Back then, they got some publicity, probably gained a few investors, and then disappeared. I guess they're back and under new (not wanted by the law) management. :)
Interesting, well let's hope that this time around it gets to production and at least works as presented. I get the deals made to produce in China. That's too big a market to ignore for a startupn the government has a more focused commitment to EV adoption with less resistance from within. The Chinese consumer might also be more likely to buy it initiallly.
It is untrue that EVs like the Leaf or MiEV are "luxury vehicles" due to their base price. They will eventually save their owners money after a few years of saving money on gas. /drivers-seat/why-plug-vehicles-are-so-inexpensive
News flash: in the automotive market, if your car's price point is above $35,000, it's a "luxury" vehicle. Doesn't matter what the eventual return on investment may or may not be. Most consumers look at up-front price, not whether or not the vehicle will save them money 3, 4, or 5 years from now. Those are just market realities.
The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is priced around $30k and has been for some time. I purchased mine a few months ago at this price and without paying any sales tax in Washington state which was about $2850 saved right there. I'll see another $7,500 rebate the next time I file my taxes. Yes, auto-buyers can be amazingly short-sighted and lack basic numeracy. The latter is depressingly common among our population.
It is untrue that EVs like the Leaf or MiEV are "luxury vehicles" due to their base price. They will eventually save their owners money after a few years of saving money on fuel and maintenance costs.