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GE showcases alternative fuel vehicles at new fleet operator test center

GE's Fleet Services divisions is one of the largest vehicle lease operators in the world, and GE's new Test Center for Alternative Fuel Vehicles allows fleet owners to test and evaluate alternatively fueled vehicles including electric, plug-in hybrid, natural gas or hydrogen automobiles and trucks.

The brightest potential for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles may be in fleets, and General Electric just set up its Test Center for Alternative Fuel Vehicles to help organizations test alternatively fueled vehicle technology. One of GE's businesses, GE Fleet Services, owns and leases a huge number of vehicles to fleet operators, and in 2010 GE committed to buying 25,000 electric vehicles some of which will be leased out to fleet operators.

The test center, located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, opened this week. It features a test track, and a small fleet representing all kinds of alternatively fueled vehicles, including Chevy Volt's, Nissan Leaf's, and other automobiles and trucks, with electric, plug-in hybrid, natural gas or hydrogen drive trains.

The center also showcases GE's full range of technology solutions for electric vehicles and natural gas. This includes charging stations in the WattStation and DuraStation lines, and GE's solar carport integrated with electric vehicle charging stations. GE also manufactures natural gas fueling stations targeted at fleet operators.

Fleet operators can better exploit the operating cost savings to make up for the higher purchase price of alternatively fueled vehicles. That is, because electric, plug-in hybrid, or natural gas vehicles are still developing technologies, they have a higher up-front purchase prices. But because their fuel is more efficient and cost effective than gasoline or diesel, owners of these vehicles can save money over the lifetime of the vehicle. Fleet vehicles are driven every day, and driven more distances than privately owned vehicles.


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GE's Ecomagination hybrid locomotives are pretty cool to. I wish RR companies would start buying them up and retire old road units.