2012 Ford Focus Electric

Ford's five pronged push against Toyota and Honda for market share in California

Ford, whose sales in California were lackluster in recent years, is undergoing a resurgence in that state with improved vehicles, sees five new electrified vehicles being rolled out this year as a key to increasing market share in the key automobile market of California.

Ford Motors is beginning the rollout of information, and later cars, that will be a five pronged assault on Toyota and Honda for market share, especially in California. Environmentally conscious Californian's go for clean cars like Toyota's Prius, and most of the electric vehicle sales have been in California. Ford, whose market share in California was weak a couple years ago, is looking to gain market share which means beating Toyota and Honda for sales in that state. Ford's vehicle electrification strategy, called the Power of Choice, is a large part of the plan to take market share. That electrification strategy is due to have a major rollout at the end of this year as four more electrified vehicles join the Ford Focus Electric.

When Ford discusses "electrified" vehicles, or the "electrification" of vehicles, they do not mean solely "electric" vehicles of the sort that run only on battery power. Instead the term refers to any vehicle with any degree of electric assist, and includes a range of technologies from mild hybrid, to regular hybrid, to plug-in hybrid, and of course all electric battery powered vehicles.

Why California? That state is the leading automobile market in the U.S. with 10% of nationwide sales.

California's market is a little different than the rest of the country. For example the Californians buy more cars than trucks (60% to 40%) whereas in other states it is a more even split. Hence, the venerable F-150 won't carry California as it does in other states. In the last couple years Ford's smaller cars, the Fiesta and Focus, have seen sales take off in the state, and the company plans to make a marketing push to raise sales of the Fusion. Another difference in California is the strong focus on environmental friendliness, and is in part the source of Toyota's and Honda's strength in the state.

The five prongs of Ford's strategy are the five new Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Electric cars that Ford is bringing to market. They are:


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