2012 Fisker Karma sedan

Fisker Karma shows its not a loser by winning four more prestigious design awards

The accolades keep pouring in for the Fisker Karma, a plug-in hybrid electric luxury sedan designed by famed auto designer Henrik Fisker, and manufactured by the company he launched several years ago, Fisker Automotive.

Fisker Automotive, who already has a long string of awards under its belt, has added four more from prestigious organizations in the U.S., Germany, and Sweden. One wonders just what planet Romney is living on that he can see Fisker as a Loser.

Last night at the Fast Company Magazine ‘Innovation by Design’ Awards, the company beat out strong entries in the Transportation Category. Those entries included the Boeing 787 airliner, the Faraday Bike and Ford’s Fusion. Judges recognized the Fisker Karma as one of the best design-driven innovations of the Year. According to the panel, “The Fisker shows what you can do in taking risks in sedan design, and that’s what consumers really want.”

The same night, in Germany, the Fisker Karma was awarded a coveted Auto Bild Magazine “Golden Steering Wheel Award” as “Classic Car of the Future.” This award was voted for by readers of the magazine. Henrik Fisker said, “As the only non-German car to win an award tonight, in the heartland of BMW, Porsche, Mercedes and Audi, we are extremely proud to be considered in such high esteem, just months after bringing our new brand to this very competitive European market.”


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The author missed the point entirely. Winning design awards itself doesn't keep the lights on nor does it make you a winner in business. Selling cars profitably does. DeLorean was a beautiful stylish car too. But sadly they went out of business, i.e. loser. I love the design of the Fisker. I hope they survive too. But for the author to confuse winning awards with business survival, well, that is like giving a newly inaugaurated President a Nobel prize for what he is going to do instead of what he has actually done. Oh wait, that absurdity happened too. Guess who the author is voting for in November....