What if you never had to buy gasoline again?

Coda Automotive's grass station marries social activism with marketing outreach

Electric car maker Coda Automotive staged a "Grass Station" in Culver City for educational outreach.

What if you arrived at your normal gas station for a fillup and it was completely different? Coda Automotive published a YouTube video a couple days ago showing just such a situation. The company has always married social activism with the business of designing, manufacturing and selling electric cars, and this video shows such a marketing outreach event.

Coda's marketing department made arrangements with the owners of a gasoline station in Culver City to take over the gas station for a day. They converted the station into an oasis, covering the pavement with grass, bringing in plants, a badminton court, a petting zoo, a music DJ, and of course educational material.

The event was an attempt to interrupt the normal flow of daily activity, interjecting other ideas. Gas station customers were still able to buy gasoline, but in a different environment, and with the opportunity to learn about electric cars.

What if you never had to buy gasoline again? The normal flow of daily activity for most includes occasional stops at a gasoline station. Electric car owners do not have to subject themselves to this ritual, and stopping at a gasoline station may become a dim memory.


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