First 2012 Coda Sedan to roll off the assembly line

Coda Automotive rolls first electric car off the assembly line, customer deliveries beginning soon

Electric car manufacturer Coda Automotive reached a significant milestone today, ending the beginning of the company's journey by rolling the company's first production electric cars off the assembly line today.

Today, in Benicia CA, the first Coda electric Sedan rolled off the assembly line, and on Friday the company expects to make first customer deliveries with one event in San Diego, another in Los Angeles, and the third in the newly opened dealer show-room in San Jose. It represents, for electric car maker Coda, the end of the beginning of the company's plan to sell electric cars for the mass market.

Coda is a start-up automobile manufacturer, based in Southern California, and focused on designing electric cars. The company began on a quest 5 years (or so) ago with the goal of an electric car in every garage, and ending the age of gasoline. Today's achievement was a small step toward that big goal today by reaching the milestone of beginning actual production, as had been promised recently. The milestone was marked with a ceremony including "Mac" Heller, the Chairman of Coda, and several government representatives from the city of Benicia, Solano County, and the California State Government.

The company's all electric Sedan is the result of a partnership with companies around the world. The drive train comes from UQM, based in Colorado, the battery pack comes from a joint venture the company has in China, and the car body comes from a large Chinese automaker. The partly assembled car is shipped to an assembly facility in Benicia (near San Francisco) operated by AMPORTS where a team of AMPORTS and Coda technicians performs final assembly and testing.


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