2012 PHEV Ram Pickup and 2012 PHEV Town and Country minivan

Chrysler deploying plug-in hybrid minivans in Yuma AZ, and other cities around the country

The deployment of Chrysler plug-in hybrid Town & Country minivans is part of a larger project deploying not only the PHEV minivans, but PHEV Ram 1500 pickups, in cities around the country, to collect usage data for further product development.

You don't hear much about Chrysler's electric or plug-in hybrid programs, and some of the company's plans were a casualty with the Fiat merger. That hasn't stopped the Chrysler from working on several plug-in hybrid vehicle designs, and recently begin supplying plug-in hybrid RAM trucks and Town & Country minivans to pilot projects around the country. Over the last two weeks Chrysler has announced three deployments of plug-in hybrid Town and Country minivans in three cities, the most recent being a fleet of 3 minivans in Yuma Arizona.


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I have been a loyal Town & Country owner for 10+ years. I currently own two, years 2005 & 2002. As someone that lives life with a disability, I am hopeful that this new Chrysler plug-in hybrid Town & Country will be capable of conversion for use by wheelchair users--please, sign me up!
This van would be perfect for us. Our commutes are 3-5 miles and involve waiting in line to pick up our children. These driving habits give us really poor mileage, but we need the van to carry items on long trips. The sliding doors that vans provide are beneficial as the children enter and exit, especially in parking lots and garages.