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China to build largest electric car and smart grid deployment ever in Hangzhou

China is aggressively developing clean energy technologies, electric vehicles, and the necessary supporting infrastructure, as demonstrated by a large electric car leasing and smart grid project in Hangzhou.

In what may be the largest single electric vehicle order ever, the city of Hangzhou, China, has signed a deal with Kandi Technologies, and 9 other companies, to supply 20,000 electric vehicles for a large electric car leasing/sharing program. It's claimed that when the project is running, in 2013, it will be the largest pure electric car rental project anywhere. Additionally it will be the largest deployment of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology anywhere.

Hangzhou is being treated by China as a "new energy vehicle demonstration" pilot city, putting the city at the vanguard of the promotion of electric vehicles in China. The State Council Development Research Center of Enterprise Institute see's the project as a path to explore business models for a Chinese domestic electric vehicle market. The State Council also issued a "Energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020)" for the next eight years, to guide the development of electric vehicles, and explore the requirements for commercial viability.

Implementation of the large-scale electric vehicle leasing program is expected to begin in August 2012, and to be completed in 2013. There will be an effort for companies and locations across China to cooperate in learning from this pilot project.


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