Tesla Roadster #507 in the Western US

Around the world in 80 days in a Tesla Roadster, chasing the Electric Odyssey

Not to be outdone by the pair of French guys driving a Citroen C-Zero around the world, Rafael de Mestre is driving a Tesla Roadster around the world, and aims to beat the French team even though he started 3 months after they left.

In February 2012 two French guys, Xavier Degon and Antonin Guy, set off on an the Electric Odyssey to drive a Citroen C-Zero (a.k.a. Mitsubishi i-MiEV) around the world. Not to be outdone, Spanish entrepeneur Rafael de Mestre, who had planned to make a similar trip in 2013 with a Tesla Model S, decided instead to make the trip in 2012 with a Tesla Roadster. Even though he started 3 months later than the Frenchmen, he expects to catch up with them before they return to Strasbourg, and to complete his electric around the world trip in under 80 days.

The goal is to be the first team to drive around the world in an unmodified electric car. Earlier around the world trips have been made with electric cars, such as the Solar Taxi. In 2010 Nina Rasmussen and Hjalte Tin drove around the world in an electric conversion car. Adventurer and English teacher Xavier Chevrin is driving an electric Citroën Berlingo, on a 1 1/2 month trip across Africa. At this moment, Tony Williams is driving an unmodified Nissan Leaf from Tijuana to British Columbia. Both of the current trips, the Electric Odyssey, and de Mestre's Tesla Roadster trip, are a first because each team is driving stock, unmodified, manufactured electric cars around the world.


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