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UK automotive testing facility is the most advanced in the World [Video]

A new automotive testing track in United Kingdom (UK) called InnovITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Advance might be the most advanced automotive testing center in the world currently and could usher in a new wave of advanced technology in future cars.

There are many impressive capabilities and wide-ranging applications of the world-leading innovITS Advance automotive testing facility, which is based in the UK midlands.

The new advanced facility features 4km (2.5 miles) of different types of roads and intersections to allow testing of different environments a real world vehicle might go through. The setup of the facility allows vehicles to be tested in Right-Hand Drive or Left-Hand Drive vehicles. This doesn't make the track special though.

What makes it special is a mobile network setup throughout the track. The mobile network can be manipulated to test different data speeds and connection speeds.

The reason for this is so engineers can test different reception from a car's computer or mobile device in a city vs rural environment. As well as transmitting enhanced emergency services in the event of a crash, which will alert emergency operators to the location of a vehicle in the event of a crash. Possibly saving a life getting to an injured vehicle occupant sooner rather than later.

“The 4km network of urban highways is instrumented with fully controllable systems ranging from our own private GSM, mesh and WiFi networks which, with GNSS interruption and denial systems, provide a plug and play environment that is configurable to represent almost any urban traffic situation worldwide: providing a pathway from research to reality for intelligent transport innovation.” said innovITS CEO Phil Pettitt.


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