Men find it easier to maintain Car, than Girlfriend

Are you a guy that likes to spend more time in your garage than your bedroom? A new study in Britain from Peugeot has revealed some very interesting findings. Men have an easy time maintaining their cars, but maintaining a relationship with their girlfriend, well that is really difficult!

The study reveals some interesting findings how men think about their cars in relationship to the women in their lives. It was commissioned by Peugeot, which surveyed over 2,000 people.

Over 50% of men admitted that they find their relationship with their partner more difficult to maintain than their car, and 1 in 10 guys confessing to being more captivated with their cars’ alluring curves than their partners. The study also revealed that 14% of guys talk more about their cars than their partners in comparison to 3% of women.

In addition the study by Peugeot found that men will give much more love, attention, and affection toward their cars than their significant other. Men are 3 times happier when they spend money on their car, when compared to spending money on their partner. The study shows that 17% of the British population spends more on their car than their other half.

Another interesting finding is that 13% of respondents feel that they have been in love with their car longer than their partner. Ouch! Around 14% are under the belief that a sporty car will help them find the “perfect” partner.

Also millions of people are spending a lot more time with their cars than their partners, 9% of the population in Britain. In addition 8% would choose their car over their current partner.

The study found that the largest age group, 45-54 year olds (14%), think their car is better looking then their partner. One fifth in this age group spend the longest time admiring their cars (10%).


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Most women think this is a little crazy. Guys I know don't think this is so strange!