Hyundai markets to loyal fans ahead of college football

It's now college football season and Hyundai is planning on capitalizing on the millions of fans across the United States who will be glued to the television watching the popular sport.

What comes with telecast football games? The opportunity for great advertising campaigns to help sell cars.

The Hyundai brand plans to reach out to football fans through targeted national, local and on-site programs to plug and flaunt its Hyundai models. Hyundai has been given top brand loyalty ranking from Kelly Blue Book and that is something to be proud of and to want to publicize. And what better way to do that, then through a captive audience of college football fans.

Hyundai will be the presenting sponsor of Thursday Night College Football Live on ESPN during the kick off inaugural Thursday game between Louisiana State University and Mississippi State. Hyundai’s plan is to unite loyal college football fans with loyal Hyundai owners. Hyundai has a multi-faceted program aimed at the college football fan base and already established official sponsorship relationships with 15 different colleges. Hyundai plans on adding nine more schools next season.

Through the Hyundai marketing and advertising campaign, the brand plans to bring vehicle and information displays to 64 games this year. The 15 teams will include Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Auburn, Cal, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Oregon, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia Tech. In attracting the loyal fans, Hyundai plans to bring game-day display elements including on-field promotions, on-site displays, tickets for hospitality and unique giveaways.


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