The 2015 Ford Mustang - rendering by JC Design

TorqueNews Exclusive: Insider Says 2015 Ford Mustang Renderings "Aren't Far Off"

We have been speculating for months now what the 2015 Ford Mustang might look like when it is introduced with spy shots and renderings adding to that fire and while others downplay those images – TorqueNews has spoken with a member of the Mustang development team that offered up some information on the next generation pony car.

While our insider was candid with details of the 2015 Ford Mustang, he did explain that he had obviously seen the car and that the majority of the renderings showing the S550 Mustang “aren’t far off” from the look of the real thing. Some skeptics who dislike the Evos language that is expected to grace the front end of the new Mustang have questioned whether the Mustang spy shots showing the next generation pony car with the Fusion-like front end is an actual test mule bearing the look of the real car. They believe that Ford has gone to the trouble to mock of a false front end so throw us off in our discussions and since most renderings are completed with the look of those spy shots – those would also not be accurate depictions of the 2015 Mustang. However, our insider indicates that those spy shots and renderings are on the right track so those Evos styling language haters out there should run out and buy a 2014 Mustang with the current design as the next generation might not be your cup of tea.


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