Sale of Saab plant to investment firm nears

Another day, another piece of information in the saga that has become the Saab brand as it appears that Swedish real estate firm Hemfosa is reportedly ready to buy the automakers Trollhattan plant with the intention of leasing it back to Saab.

Over the past few months, Saab and parent company Swedish Automobiles (formerly Spyker Cars) have been looking for an investor interested in purchasing their Trollhattan production facility with the intention of leasing it back to the automaker. This would bring in a large sum of money to the struggling Saab brand for the sale of the plant followed by a possibility of a “friendly” lease agreement from the new owner until the company gets back on its feet. The first name mentioned in the direction of selling the plant was Russian investor Vladimir Antonov but with questions over his past and the fact that his involvement with Saab was previously rejected by multiple parties, he seemed to fade into the shadows. In his place, Swedish investment reality firm Hemfosa became the new name and according to Reuters, Hemfosa is ready to pull the trigger and buy the Trollhattan production facility.


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