Screenshot from the Porsche Expansion Pack video

A look at everything included in the Forza 4 Porsche Expansion Pack

On Monday, TorqueNews was able to get ahold of the complete car list for the Forza Motorsport 4 Porsche Expansion Pack but now that I have purchased the package from the Xbox Live Marketplace (and on my console), we can run through everything included in the Porsche pack.

The Forza Motorsport 4 Porsche Expansion Pack carries a price of 1,600 Microsoft points ($20 USD) but those who either purchased the Forza 4 Limited Collector’s Edition or the recent VIP Package can get the Porsche pack for just 1,200 points ($15). This is pretty expensive as car packs go but this is far more than your typical car pack with over 80 new races and 30 historic high performance Porsche models.

First of all, the biggest addition as part of the FM4 Porsche Pack is the long list of Porsche models that were previously unavailable for Forza 4. Below is a complete list of the vehicles included in the Porsche Pack.


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