The Dodge Durango tombstone

Jeep Grand Cherokee refreshed, Dodge Durango gone in 2016

The new Dodge Durango has been a pretty hot seller since being reintroduced for the 2011 model year based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee but when the next generation Grand Cherokee arrives for 2016 – there will be no more Dodge Durango.

Since Fiat SpA took over the reins of the Chrysler Group, one of the key efforts has been to eliminate redundancies across the various brands and with the Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee being so similar, it makes sense that one of them would be removed from the lineup. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most awarded and bestselling SUVs since essentially introducing the sport utility vehicle decades ago so it wouldn’t make any sense to kill off the Jeep. On the other hand, the Dodge Durango has not seen nearly the success since being introduced in the late 1990s, so bringing about (another) end to the Durango seems like the easy choice. Therefore, when the Jeep Grand Cherokee receives a new platform and likely a new design for the 2016 model year, the Dodge lineup will be devoid of the sporty Durango.


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Good dodge durango was never a great seller here in Ontario. Jeep is the brand that everyone recognizes as THE SUV.
Since your primary cutsie graphic of the gravestone is incorrect on all of the timelines and generations, you have no credibility and deserve zero respect on this story or topic. If you can't fact check a photo you have created yourself, how can the public trust any of the "facts" contained within the storyline you provide. Answer = they can't.
Will there be a 2015 Dodge Durango or is it totally replaced now?
if the durango is getting replaced, its only fair that the make a seven seater in the jeep brand.
Yeah. Rumor has it, they'll call it.. the grand caravan. ;-)
Not funny dude. Caravan? I had my heart set on the Durango.
I work in promotions for five manufacturers in motorsports. The latest rumors for Chrysler is that Dodge will be the high performance division. The seven seat version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee that will replace the Dodge Durango is expected to be named the Jeep Grand Wagoneer.
I thank Mr. Sergio Marcionne in shedding weight for Jeep vehicles. I will wait till it happens -will get the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo RWD. The current weight of 4,545 is nuts. A higher MPG is necessary. And yes, a power driver seat should be included for this vehicle. A lower price tag for this model would boost sales. P.S. - My Dad, who came from Bavaria, Germany, loves the Brembo brake. He relates it to our last name,