Rhys Millen's Hyundai Veloster rally car

Hyundai to pull out of all North American motorsports

Rhys Millen Racing has announced that after the 2012 Global RallyCross and 2012 Formula Drift seasons, he will no longer be competing his familiar Genesis Coupe or Veloster race cars as Hyundai will pull out of North American motorsports as they re-evaluate their motorsports strategy – effectively ending the successful four year partnership between Millen and the Korean automaker.

While Hyundai has never taken a shot at the largest motorsports in the US like NASCAR and the NHRA, the company has had successful campaigns in various drifting associations, rally racing and hill climb events with their most recent victory coming at the 2012 Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb where Rhys Millen set a new overall record in his Hyundai Genesis Coupe race car. In a field packed with some of the most incredible race cars in the world, Millen’s record run in the Genesis Coupe is a truly remarkable feat; capping off what has been a great relationship between Millen’s team and Hyundai.


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Maybe it is best to go out on top. They were hugely successful. Also, maybe we will see a Sonata or Genesis kicking and taking in the NASCAR series someday.