Mitsubishi 311RS Evo X

High performance Mitsubishi 311RS Evolution X to debut in Minneapolis with 420hp

When the Minneapolis Auto Show opens next week, the new Mitsubishi 311RS Evo X will bring a new level of import performance to the US market with this limited edition, track tuned sort compact sedan.

The new Mitsubishi 311RS Evo X is a heavily modified version of the popular Lancer Evolution X that was designed by pro racer Ryan Gates, who spent three years picking the ideal components and tuning everything to work together to create what he believes is the ultimate combination of track and street capabilities. The 311RS Evo X has been shown off on the company website for months now but on March 11th, the high performance Evo X will debut at the Minneapolis Auto Show.

The heart of the Mitsubishi 311RS Evo X is the same 2.0L dual overhead cam engine that is in the standard 2013 Evo X but Gates and his team have made a handful of changes that add a whole bunch of extra power. The high performance Evo experts at AMS Performance (who happen to sponsor Gates) have been tapped for this build, adding an intake setup, a large front mount intercooler, a larger downpipe, a high flowing catalytic converter, a high performance exhaust system and a custom engine calibration tune to substantially increase the output of the Evo’s 2.0 mill. Thanks to the AMS high performance items, the 311RS Evo X offers 353.1 horsepower and 358.6lb-ft of torque at the wheels – numbers which the company states are 120.8hp and 96.2tq more than the stock Evo as tested. The standard Mitsubishi Evo X makes 291 horsepower and 300lb-ft of torque at the crankshaft but in searching some of the largest Evo forums online, it looks like these cars make roughly 230-250 horsepower at the wheels. In terms of horsepower "at the crank", the 311RS Evo X offers 420 horsepower and 420lb-ft of torque...amounting to an increase in raw horsepower of almost 45% compared to the stock, standard Evo X.


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