GM wants Lutz back, Uncle Sam says no

General Motors reportedly wants to rehire vehicle development head Bob Lutz but the government bean-counters overseeing the progress of the post-bailout automaker have given the move a thumbs-down.

Since Bob Lutz left GM in May 2010, a variety of current GM execs (include the current CEO Dan Akerson) have reached out to Lutz for advice and with current global product development VP Mary Barra having very little experience in the field in which she is now in charge, GM could use the vast experience that Lutz brings to the table. In bringing him back on board, Lutz would only serve as a consultant and not a full-time member of the management team but even with this reduced role, the US Treasury Department has opposed the move.

The government’s reason for rejecting Lutz is that with his retirement from GM happening so recently, putting him back on the payroll could look like a “sweatheart deal” – even though the guy clearly is a benefit to the company. While the US government is pretty obviously not the best governing body as deciding who to put in charge, their partial ownership of the automaker gives them the right to influence major decisions like this one.


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