GM Recalls Another 1.3 Million Cars for Steering Failures

General Motors has issued yet another major recall, this time calling back 1.3 million small and medium sized cars over a concern that the power steering system could lose the power assist - making it much more difficult to drive and possibly increasing the chances of an accident.

Needless to say, General Motors has dealt with their share of recalls lately and while much of the GM recall news has been devoted to the ignition failures which have forced new CEO Mary Barra to stand before the US Government, this new recall has nothing to do with the ignition cylinder failures. Although the ignition problems can cause a steering issue and some of the vehicles included in the ignition recall are also included in this new recall, this recall pertains specifically to the power steering system. It seems that in the 1.3 million affected vehicles, one or more components of the electric power steering assist system could fail and when that happens, the car will not have the same level of power assist.

Now it should be pointed out that when the power steering system fails to provide power assist, the cars CAN still be steered…it will just become a whole lot harder to steer the car. Particularly at lower speeds, the car can be very difficult to maneuver and that leads to an obviously increased chance of an accident. If you have ever driven a car with manual (non-power) steering, that is what you can expect when the power steering system fails in these 1.3 million GM cars.


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Now I just had your company inspect my car for this recall for a 2006 chevy malibu. The outcome of the inspection, to me, is highly objectionable. Reason being I do not appreciate implications of myself as a liar. Although the word "liar" was not mentioned, the spoken to representative tried to ensure my spouse that I purposely got into an accident to claim"free services". Also claiming that I did not give detailed information on what exactly happened. I dont know if its because people no longer understand short and to the point responses anymore or someone is trying to snake thier way out of taking consequences; by wording thier responses accordingly, having been informed they know more about cars than who they were speaking with. I believe, being one who has gave numerous suggestions to prefer a GM vehicle over another to countless buyers, and stood behind your company to countless unknown critics; I feel I was not given a fair inspection; and deserve a brand new inspection with someone who does not do business by mere assumptions of a customer who does not speak in proper form from his mouth. Instead will treat and respond to a cutomer as if they know just as much they do. A representative that will not tell one person one thing and another person otherwise..I left nothing out in my claim, and if they did not fully understand my explanations, all that needed to be done was to simply ask me to rephrase it. Not tell me "ok" and just figure and note that "oh well he didnt mention or speak clearly, so ima just put it down as he failed to provide detailed information. How and who do I talk to, to tend to this matter?..I explained how there was an accident and I believed it to be cause of the steering assist. I did not state or claim it was definately that. I stated that after the steering wheel failed to turn coming into a sharp right turn in a residential area, giving me little reaction time to hit the brakes, went straight I into the fence. Being fed up with this randomly occurring problem, I then decided to do research on what would cause the steering wheel to react in such a way. 30mins later I seen a review on the vehicles recalls and saw there just been a recall for a power steering assist. Then researched what to expect when that power steering assist fails and Concluded that may be a big possibility. I stated I was not certain if that was so and if there was any way to find out if that was the problem or was it something else...can I get you guys to properly tell me what is wrong and who is at fault?...
Someone I know had a bad experience with GM all the way to the corporate office when there ignition failed the mechanics who worked on the 2008 Chevy HHR wrote down that it was not a recall issue when a month later they issued a recall for the vehicle and had anyone owning a 2008 chevy HHR to bring their vehicles in to repair it.
My chevy hhr 2008 just started with the power steering shut off ramdomy on 12/14/14 we check the fuse and its fine. shut off the car and the next morning no problem for two day and now 12/16/14 and 12/17/14 i drive for 5 or 10 mins and i lose power steering. turn the car off and restart it and i have steering back for another 5 or 10 mins. I see now that this is a recall issue thou my car is not listed in that recall. I am not alone. I will need to have it fixed sooner than later as with children in the car this is a safty issue. I would hope that once this year car is put into the recall gm will refund us want we have to pay out.
I know this is after ur post. But was curious as to how u made out with this thru getting reimbursed.2008 chevy hhr thru 2010 is recalled for power steering problems. And the 2006 which is what i have is covered under a lifetime warranty. If anything i hope ive helped you out.