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General Motors grows by 15.5% in June 2012 as Buick charges back

June 2012 was good for the folks at General Motors as all four of their brands showed positive growth compared to the same month in 2011 but June was best for Buick – which posted an increase of almost 27%.

Buick has been up and down this year but in June 2012, the affordable luxury brand posted an impressive increase of 26.8%. Buick was led in growth by the Enclave with an increase of 30% followed by the LaCrosse with a jump of 21%. The Lucerne and Regal both posted negative growth last month but adding a great deal to the total year over year growth by Buick was the new Verano. The Verano moved 4,091 compact sedans last month to rank third among the brand. Buick was led in sales volume by the LaCrosse with 7,206 sedans sold while the roomy Enclave SUV was second with 5,207 units sold. Through the first half of 2012, Buick has moved 90,198 vehicles with the following breakdown by model:
Model (Sales Volume – Increase/Decrease)
LaCrosse (30,892 – up 5.3%)
Enclave (27,866 – down 0.5%)
Verano (15,669 – New Model)
Regal (14,828 – down 32.6%)
Lucerne (943 – down 93.4%) – out of production

The GMC brand was next in line in terms of sales growth with an improvement of 14.9% over June 2011. GMC was led in growth by the Acadia SUV with a 55.9% increase, followed by the Yukon XL at 52% and the Canyon at 19%. In terms of sales volume, GMC was topped by the Sierra pickup with 12,479 trucks sold while the Acadia was second with 9,796 SUVs sold and the Terrain came in third with 77,95 units sold. On the year, GMC has sold 201,041 total vehicles – an increase of 7.3% over the same period last year – with the following breakdown by model:
Model (Sales Volume – Increase/Decrease)
Sierra (72,945 – up 7.9%)
Terrain (46,602 – up 12.7%)
Acadia (42,160 – up 5.9%)
Yukon (12,662 – down 16.5%)
Savana (12,056 – up 18.9%)
Yukon XL (8,975 – down 1.6%)
Canyon (5,641 – up 36%)


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