Ford submits Mustang body for 2013 Sprint Cup Season

The famous Ford Mustang made its NASCAR introduction last year in the Nationwide Series (formerly known as Busch Grand National) and ESPN is reporting that Ford Racing has submitted a 2011 Mustang-based body for NASCAR’s “big leagues”, hoping to gain approval in time for the 2013 Sprint Cup season.

The Ford Mustang is probably Ford’s most easily recognized vehicle in their incredible history but oddly, the Mustang hasn’t received much attention in the massive NASCAR world. Instead, Ford has relied on models like the Taurus, Fusion and Thunderbird to carry the “stock car racing” torch but there is no question that today’s NASCAR race cars are far from stock. While you certainly cannot expect the series to take a step backwards in performance and actually use stock-based vehicles, introducing the Mustang into NASCAR allows Ford to feature an actual 2-door, rear wheel drive, V8-powered performance car in the most popular racing series in America.

Ford currently uses the Fusion – a car only available in front wheel drive and more well known for being highly efficient than sporty – so right now NASCAR fans cannot run out and buy a car “just like” what they watch race on television. However, should NASCAR approve the new Mustang body for the Sprint Cup Series, fans of the sanctioning body’s most popular series will now be able to watch their favorite driver win in a V8 powered Mustang and then go out and buy a car that is somewhat similar – at least in comparison to the difference between the race and street version of the current Fusion race car or the previous Taurus models.


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