Ford Recalls 370k Sedans Over Steering Failure Risks

Ford Motor Company has announced that it will recall over 370,000 large sedans including the Ford Crown Victoria, the Mercury Grand Marquis and the Lincoln Town Car over a concern that a portion of the steering assembly could rust to the point that it fails – making it impossible to steer the big sedan.

This new Ford, Mercury and Lincoln recall pertains to the Crown Vic, the Grand Marquis and the Town Car from the 2005 through 2011 model years. In these vehicles, the lower intermediate steering shaft could rust so badly that it could break and when that happens, the driver will be unable to steer the vehicle. The lower intermediate steering shaft is a portion of the steering column that connects the steering wheel to the power steering rack and when a portion of the steering column fails – all ability to direct the car is lost.

To prevent this issue, Ford Motor Company is recalling the 2005-2011 Grand Marquis, Town Car and Crown Victoria sedans to inspect the lower intermediate steering shaft. Should the dealership technician see signs of advanced corrosion on the steering assembly, a new lower intermediate steering shaft will be installed. Ford doesn’t go into any detail as to what is special about the replacement part that will prevent the problem from just happening again but a heartier coating of rust protection will probably be more than enough to keep the steering system in tip top shape going forward (and turning!).


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