The 2013 Ford Fusion

Ford Lincoln both show declines in short April 2012

April 2012 had 3 less business days for American car dealerships compared to April 2011, causing many automakers including Ford and Lincoln to show negative growth but things weren’t actually as bad as they look at first glance.

Ford Motor Company moved 180,350 vehicles in April 2012 which shows itself as a 5% negative growth compared to April 2011 but when you look at the daily sales figures; FoMoCo actually was on pace to move roughly 7% more vehicles with almost 500 more vehicles per day sold in April 2012.

The Ford brand was the top performer from the Motor Company with a decline in growth of 4.7% but that was due to the shortened month as the Ford brand outpaced the daily sales figures from April 2011 by better than 7.2%. Ford was led in growth by the Ford Flex, which sold 41.4% more vehicles in April 2012 than in the same month in 2011. The family of Ford Heavy Trucks was second with 40% more vehicles sold last month compared to one year earlier and the midsized Edge crossover was third in growth with a 12.4% improvement. Ford was led in sales by the tried and true F Series pickup family which sent out a whopping 47,453 new trucks onto US roads (up 4.4%). The Ford Fusion was second in sales with 21,610 sedans sold (up 2%) and the Ford Focus was third in sales with 19,425 C segment sedans and hatchbacks sold (up 12.5%).

For those keeping tabs of what their local law enforcement uses to patrol the streets – Ford sold 547 examples of the Taurus based Police Interceptor and 667 Explorer based Police Intercept Utility models last month.


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