The 2002 Enzo Ferrari

Enzo-heir Ferrari F70 hybrid hypercar to debut in Detroit

When the Ferrari F70 arrives, it will serve as the technical successor to the famed Enzo Ferrari while also being the most powerful road car ever built by the Italian automaker and while many expected that it would make its global, public debut in Europe – Ferrari has confirmed that the new hybrid hypercar will formally be unveiled at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Over the past few months, Ferrari has been handing out small bits of information about their upcoming super sports car (currently referred to as the F70 although the production name could vary) including information on the hybrid drive system and the expected engine output. At the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the company offered a first look at the high tech carbon fiber chassis that will help to make this one of the lightest cars in the supercar/hypercar market. The company had previously been silent as to where the world would actually get to see the F70 complete and in person but many expected that it would take place somewhere in Europe. However, new reports indicate that the Enzo successor will make its debut in the good ol’ Motor City – under the bright lights of the 2013 North American International Auto Show.

This is an interesting move, considering that in past years the Ferrari display was clearly little more than an afterthought – going so far as to skip the show altogether in 2009. Their presence picked back up in the past few years as a small portion of the gigantic Chrysler Group display typically with one or two cars but at the 2013 Detroit show in Cobo Hall – Ferrari will be among the headliners with the debut of their new hybrid supercar. This is an interesting move considering the low number of high end sports car buyers in Detroit (relative to other markets around the world) but with the ongoing auto industry collapse in Europe, Ferrari and Fiat management must see the US as the market more likely to gobble up these new super sports cars.


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