EcoBoost Mustang confirmed by Bill Ford Jr.

While speaking to a small audience at Princeton University last night, Ford Motor Company Bill Ford Jr., stated that there would be an EcoBoost version of the fabled Ford Mustang.

There have been plenty of rumors and speculations over the past few years about the return of the turbocharged Ford Mustang, following in the footsteps of the Turbo GT and SVO Mustangs of the early 1980s. Although Ford execs have been quoted as saying that soon, every Ford vehicle would offer an EcoBoost option, it has not been definitively confirmed by anyone at Ford Motor Company that there would be a new Ford Mustang featuring their innovative EcoBoost technology – until now.

The folks at Jalopnik broke this story a short while ago, adding that when they contacted the folks at Ford public relations, the company would not deny that there was an EcoBoost’d Ford Mustang in the works. There is no clear indication as to whether Ford will use the newer 4-cylinder EcoBoost, the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost used in the Lincoln MKS and Ford Taurus SHO or a new EcoBoost engine but all three are possible options.


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