A 2015 Ford Mustang Sedan Would Look A lot Like This

The Australian market Ford Falcon has been a performance mainstay for years Down Under and while the Falcon is about to meet the end of the line, the Motor Company has decided to give it one final refresh up front – giving those “Mustang sedan” rumor-writers a vision of their dream car.

For years now, the Mustang community occasionally stokes up the discussion of a 4-door version of the fabled Ford Mustang. While it is nothing short of blasphemy to most Mustang lovers, some see the real market space for a rear wheel drive Ford performance car which could or could not be called the Mustang. Those who push these rumors insist that the Dodge Charger is a good example of what the Mustang sedan would be and while the Ford Taurus offers somewhat comparable performance with the SHO model – it’s just not the same.

What some of these folks don’t seem to know is that Ford Motor Company has been making a car that rivals the Dodge Charger across most of its trimlines – it just hasn’t been sold in the USA. That car is the Ford Falcon and while this has been a popular performance models Down Under for decades, it will soon meet its demise. However, Ford isn’t sending the Falcon into retirement with a grand exit, giving the powerful sedan one last refresh with a look that is very much like much of their lineup and in doing so, the final Falcon offers us a fleeting look at what the Mustang sedan could be.


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Terrible! Not a Mustang.
The Shelby P V12 was a great example of... an M5 rival! Shelby is NOT a tuner. It built the GT500 from 2005 to 2014 which Ford called, "the most powerful production V8 in the world", which, of course, isn't anymore. The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat takes over that phrase.
Ford built and designed all the GT500's from 2005-2014. The Shelby name was licensed from Shelby American for these models but they had no direct input into the design. The 2014 is still the most powerful production V8 currently available and will be until the Hellcat is released. This title will likely be short-lived as plans are already underway to build a GT500 using the new Mustang S550 chassis which which will have more horsepower than the Hellcat. How much more is not clear, but it will be more and in a much lighter chassis allowing it to easily outperform the Hellcat.
There was never a "P V12." I am guessing you meant the CV525; yes, about 525 production units were built, with 10 sold to the public.