2011 Ford Explorer

2011 Ford Explorer under investigation for power steering failures

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched a preliminary investigation into the electronic power assist steering system in the 2011 Ford Explorer over a handful of complaints about the steering system failing to provide proper assistance to the driver.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration decided to open the investigation into the electronic power assist steering system of the 2011 Ford Explorer after the federal agency received 15 complaints of the steering system randomly failing while being driven. In some of these 15 cases, the power steering system began working as expected when the driver shut the vehicle off and restarted it but in other cases; once the power steering system stopped working, it would not regain normal function. This investigation includes roughly 83,000 units from the 2011 model year Explorer.

The 15 owners who filed complaints about their electronic power assist steering failures in the 2011 Ford Explorer stated that when the assist system stopped working properly, it got very difficult to turn the steering wheel. One owner went so far as to say that when the EPAS system failed, the steering wheel pulled away from her husband’s hands and it was impossible for him to move the turn the vehicle. That failure came at low speed so no other damage was done. In addition to the steering wheel becoming impossible to move, the particular owner stated that the warning message “Power Assist Failure” appeared in the driver information center.


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The other day my EPAS system failed causing my steering wheel to lock as I was turning left in the middle on an intersection. I was able to pull my wheel as hard as possible and get to the side of the road. I turned the vehicle off and restarted it and the vehicle was operable again. The next day, I took it to the dealership where not one person had heard about this problem. I then got a call today being told that it could take 2 weeks to 3 months for an entirely new assembly rack to be received from Ford! Needless to say, I'm kind of concerned for anyone else out there that may have the potential for the same problem. Ford needs to act immediately on this problem!
My Power steering suddenly stopped working while driving down the high way.
Driving down the highway and my steering system just locked up while turning left of an exit. It took all my strength to make the turn and pull off the road.
I have also lost steering in my Explorer a number of times !! I have been on major highways but thank god neither myself or my children have been injured! ! I will never purchase a ford again!! Nothing but problems!!!!
Our 2011 Ford exploder... Lol has done the same thing to my wife. Just to let everyone know , at almost 100,000 miles on it and it's the p/s has been making a errrrrr sound when turning the wheel. Now with that said with the power steering being electronic if the alternator starts to go bad it will adversley affect the p/s. I am in process of replacing the alternator and already ordered the e/p/s hard ware. All relatively easy to change. Oh and I'm a GMC guy all the way but this explorer has been great it loves the snow and ice handles like a sports car and seets an entire 7 person family comfterbly great on gas and love the features loaded of corse. So all and all I'll fix these two problems cause it's not that hard too and do a software update. New things have bugs to work out and those two things are a lot better than the GMC Chevrolet recalls with the ignition systems and what not.