The 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE. Photo by Don Bain

Toyota Camry edges out Ford F-150 on American-Made Index

Today’s vehicles are built in the global market and most contain parts from around the world. That’s why the Toyota Camry can be More American than the Ford F-150 that’s built in Ft. Wayne IN, but of only 80 percent domestic parts, according to SciTech.

The Big Three build some in other countries while foreign brands build more and more of the cars and trucks they sell right here. Toyota builds over 100,000 vehicles in the US to sell in 19 different countries annually. Not a big number but a big change in the global economy, resulting from the high value of the yen compared to the dollar.

The Camry is among the vehicles built by Toyota’s Georgetown, KY plant. It was named in the annual American-Made Index. It is the fourth consecutive year the Camry has been the top car.

The Ford F-150 has only recently been added to the top of the list and fell short of the Toyota Camry by a very narrow margin.

"When people think about buying an American car, they might just think automatically of the Detroit Three," said Patrick Olsen, Editor in Chief at "In reality, this classification isn't as cut and dried as it used to be. Today, Fiat owns a majority stake in Chrysler, companies like Toyota are increasing production of their vehicles in the U.S. and parts are coming in from all over the globe. Our index accounts for all of these factors to determine where vehicles rank." adds input from aspects that could skew their listings, however, in the eyes of some. Such as how long they tend to remain on the sales lot – not really part of the vehicle’s content and assembly.


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