The 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL550. Photo courtesy of MBUSA.

Mercedes-Benz next generation 2013 GL-Class Uberwagens

Fresh from a redesign and only now marking its second generation, the Mercedes Benz GL-Class may have a retro look, but it’s definitely looking forward with state-of-the-art safety technology that not only sees impacts before you do, but notices if you’re getting drowsy, too.

That’s because the launch of the new GL ushers in a stellar new safety system, Collision Prevention Assist, which uses a sensor to measure the distance to a preceding vehicle as well as stationary objects. If a risk of collision is imminent, the system charges the brakes while alerting the driver with both sonic and visual warnings.

Other Safety Innovations
Other new cutting-edge safety features include Active Lane Keeping Assist (ALKA), which uses the unique methodology of simulating rumble strip vibration in the steering wheel when the car begins to drifts from its lane with no signals. It kicks in at 38-mph by recognizing white and yellow lines defining pathways. This works with a windshield camera and computer image analysis. ALKA also has intervention feature, wherein braking will automatically correct the car’s course if the initial warning goes unheeded.

Active Blind Spot Assist (ABSA) monitors both blind spots behind and beside the vehicle, providing visual and audible warnings when a vehicle’s in the blind spot, activated by the turn signal. ABSA also incorporates ESP intervention feature if the driver fails to respond.

The GL-Class line comes with ESP stability control, ABS anti-lock brakes, two-stage adaptive air bags for the driver and front passenger, driver’s knee seat-mounted side cushions in front and rear, curtain side bags plus adaptive belt-tensioning and force limiters.

Besides preparing seatbelts, The Pre-Safe system automatically moves the front passenger seat to a better position for protection on some models, while side windows close to support the side-curtain airbags, and in the case of an impending rollover, the sunroof closes.


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