The 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe at the 2012 RMAP 4XFall. Photo © 2012 Don Bain

Hyundai partners with Broadcom to boost automotive connectivity

A Joint Development Agreement between wireless communication leader Broadcom and Hyundai will boost the wide-scale adoption of automotive Ethernet based infotainment and safety features, via100Mbps connectivity for vehicle networks now and up to 1Gbps in the near future, across virtually all price points.

Such systems should help automotive hardware to do a better job of keeping up with smartphone and cloud-based apps in a ever changing digital world.

"Hyundai is confident about the viability of Ethernet in the car and looks forward to closely collaborating with Broadcom to develop an Ethernet network for Hyundai vehicles,” stated SunJai Lee, Infortainment Design Division Leader, Hyundai Motor.

“The in-vehicle Ethernet network will enable key features including infotainment, lane departure warning, park assist and telematics to deliver greater value to our customers. We chose to partner with Broadcom as they deliver superior Ethernet-based innovation to enrich the driver and passenger experience."

Broadcom Corp. is a leader in innovative semiconductor solutions for both hardwired and wireless communications. The collaboration between the two firms will integrate infotainment, telematics and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) like surround view parking and lane departure alerts into Hyundai vehicles. Working together, the firms are aimed at delivering fresh features and faster connectivity to more drivers.

Broadcom's BroadR-Reach Ethernet technology will provide a more cost-effective, lightweight and faster data transmission system to advance implementation of safety applications in Hyundai vehicles. Broadcom will showcase this technology at the SAE Convergence in Detroit, today and tomorrow.


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