The 2012 Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell. Image courtesy of PRWeb.

Hyundai delivers 15 hydrogen-powered cars to Denmark

Hyundai Motor Company is leasing 15 of their zero-emissions hydrogen-powered ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles to the Municipality of Copenhagen, in support of Danish efforts to create a carbon-neutral city by 2025.

The agreement is a milestone for Hyundai, rapidly gaining a reputation as an industry leader in fuel cell technology and environmentally considerate cars. The brand operates a full time fuel-cell research division called the Eco Technology Research Institute in South Korea.

Denmark is a world leader in the development and use of renewable energy. The addition of the ix35 Fuel Cell to Copenhagen’s city fleet is an opportunity for Denmark to evaluate the technology, while Hyundai will gain valuable feedback on the performance of its Fuel Cell vehicle.

"We are very proud The Municipality of Copenhagen has chosen us as the supplier of hydrogen vehicles. We consider it as evidence the municipality is aware of Hyundai’s leadership in eco-friendly vehicles,” said Niels Rønnebech, Managing Director of Hyundai Denmark. “The municipality deserves high praise for leading the way in helping to develop new technology.”

The hydrogen-powered Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell is a true zero-emissions vehicle. The fuel cell stack converts hydrogen into electricity to power the cars motor with water the only byproduct. The ix35 Fuel Cell is an effective new solution for public and private fleets needing to reduce carbon emissions and fight climatic change.


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