Fuel economy a factor in auto purchase for 81 percent

Depending on where you live, gas prices may have gone up as much as 50¢ a gallon over the past 6 weeks. Consequently, kbb.com reports fuel economy has become a much more important part of the criteria buyers use to select their next vehicle.

The report comes from Market Intelligence research performed by the online arm of Kelley Blue Book. Last month, 81 percent of car shoppers said gas prices influenced vehicle considerations, 11 percentage points more than in January.

According to the site, national gas prices are up 29 percent over last month and 74 percent of respondents do not expect improvement.

Of those surveyed, 58 percent report either picking a smaller engine, smaller vehicle, eliminating options or turning to used vehicles instead of new due to the economy and gas prices.

Of those decidedly dissatisfied with their current economic situation, 21 percent stated fuel economy was the major reason for their next vehicle purchase and planned to buy soon, presumably to lessen the impact of fuel prices on their personal economy.

Those involved also reported spending less on major purchases, non-essentials, travel, dining and other leisure activities.


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