Electricity comes to Texas: eVgo charging stations

On the heels of the Earth Day announcement that the electric Mitsubishi i is now available for advance ordering, the manufacturer announced a partnership with NRG Energy to pave the road those cars will cruise with EV charging stations in Texas. As one of America's leading energy producers, NRG will help provide owners of the Mitsubishi i new freedom and range confidence across NRG's eVgo (ee-vee-go) privately funded electric vehicle (EV) recharging network.

The Mitsubishi i is set for release over the coming months in two of America's most populated metro areas - Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth. The line will later expand into other major cities in Texas, so Mitsubishi i owners in the Lone Star State will be able to quickly and conveniently recharge their EVs at dozens of eVgo charging Freedom Stations.

The charging stations will provide a 480-volt DC fast charger extending range as much as 30 miles in 10 minutes plus a 240-volt Level 2 charger that gives you another 25 miles in an hour.

Freedom Stations are accessible around the clock with a customer service tower and camera, allowing access to an eVgo service representative and alarm function that activates a strobe light, siren and alerts law enforcement, even while inside the vehicle. The eVgo network will also include hosted units that offer a 240-volt Level 2 charger during the retailer’s business hours.

"Through this partnership, owners of Mitsubishi i electric vehicles will find tremendous convenience, economy and price security through their access to the eVgo network," said Arun Banskota, president of NRG EV Services. "We welcome Mitsubishi to the eVgo partnership and look forward to building an unprecedented and growing EV infrastructure together."


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