Bob Carter, Toyota Division Group vice president

Bob Carter on Toyota Prius Plug-in preview at Green Drive Expo

Bob Carter, Toyota Division Group vice president and general manager, was on hand for the 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in media preview at the Green Drive Expo, held today in the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond CA. Among the usual promotional hype Carter had a few interesting things to say.

Notably Toyota is a major sponsor of the Green Drive Expo, slated for tomorrow and was last year as well.

“It is a great opportunity for us to showcase our environmental efforts to an enthusiastic group of people,” Carter said. “It’s those enthusiasts who really helped make the Prius the success it is today.”

The Craneway Pavilion was first a Ford assembly plant that opened in 1932, the same year the brand introduced the flathead V8. There wasn’t even a thought of emissions regulations and gas went for an unbelievable 10 cents a gallon. In 1932 total car and truck sales were around 920,000.

“While this building is a ghost of the past, the Prius Family is the spirit of the future," he said. “Unlike 1932, CO2 emissions and energy policies are now a big factor, and Toyota is the industry leader in environmental and fuel-conservation technology.

“Toyota made a commitment to the environment more than 20 years ago by investing in hybrid technology, and the first Prius went on sale in Japan in 1997. Three years later, Prius reached the U.S., and there were some in our industry that didn’t give it a serious thought.”


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