2014 Subaru Impreza four-door sedan and five-door hatchback

What’s new with the 2014 Subaru Impreza

The new 2014 Subaru Impreza all-wheel-drive compact provides new upgrades and much more than what's expected in a compact car.

Subaru is attacking the small-sedan market in a big way with the new 2014 Impreza and their making a challenge to the new Honda Civic EX, Hyundai Elantra GLS and Mazda3 iTouring sedans. What’s new for the 2014 model Impreza?

Subaru is a brand that is growing quickly around the globe as new buyers are attracted to the brand for reasons that the new Impreza provides. It’s fun to drive and offers buyers a feeling of confidence with the all-wheel-drive.The new Impreza gets some new convenience and technology upgrades for 2014. It also comes with fuel economy compared to two-wheel drive compacts, but with the benefits of Subaru’s Symmetrical full-time All-Wheel drive.

And who wouldn’t want that kind of all-weather security along with great fuel mileage? Subaru has announced the new Impreza will get better mileage than the outgoing model. The 2014 Impreza with CVT will offer outstanding fuel efficiency with ratings of 36 mph highway and 27 mpg city. What’s new for the 2014 Subaru Impreza?

What’s new for 2014?


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