Volvo safety technology testing

Report: No Volvo car will be involved in collisions in the future

Volvo is developing several new safety systems they say will keep vehicle occupants from being killed or seriously hurt in a new Volvo car.

In a press release by Volvo Car Corporation, they have a stated goal that by the year 2020, nobody should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo car. It goes even further and says the companies vision is that no Volvo cars are to be involved in collisions in the future. That is a very ambitious goal, but Volvo has always been known for their cars having the latest safety features, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

A recent press release by the Swedish carmaker says that they are working on three new high-tech safety solutions to deliver on that goal. Jan Ivarsson, Senior Manager Safety Strategy & Requirements at Volvo Car Corporation, says "We are taking clear steps in the right direction. We have a number of research projects with the aim to develop technologies for future Volvo models.”

Modern technology is a key factor

Volvo is doing an ongoing intensive study to determine how modern drivers behave in traffic. And as we know, modern technology plays a big role in effecting today’s drivers. According to Volvo, surveys done by three different research institutes in the USA, reveal that modern drivers spend 25 to 30 percent of their time behind the wheel doing other things, and much of that time is focusing on mobile communication.

Drivers today are making phone calls, checking their email, looking at facebook, and sending text messages while they are driving. And since these take away a drivers attention from the road, this is where Volvo is spending their time developing new technologies to give modern drivers “the right support at all times.”

Volvo research focusing on three areas


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