Nissan Project 370Z

Nissan releases first Project 370Z stage one video

Nissan released the first video of its Project 370Z to help promote the launch of its updated 2013 370Z sports car.

Back in February, Nissan invited fans to participate in what it’s calling "Project 370Z." In an effort to highlight the numerous options available on the new 2013 Nissan 370Z, Nissan is giving fans the opportunity to create a project Z in which they get to choose how the car is put together.

Via Nissan’s Facebook Performance page, Nissan will start with a fresh 2013 370Z that will be built by fans in three upgrade phases: power, handling/brakes, interior and exterior. Each phase will start by fans posting comments on the page, and then they’ll get to vote on the upgrades and accessories. Those with the most fan support will be chosen for each phase as Nissan builds the unique car.


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