GM Ventures and NanoSteel

NanoSteel could be a game-changer for GM

General Motors has announced that it is investing in NanoSteel Company, a leader in high-strength steel that could be a global game changer.

As automakers look to achieve higher fuel-economy ratings and meet rigorous U.S. fuel economy standards, they are looking for ways to reduce overall vehicle weight. General Motors has taken what could be a game changing decision by investing in NanoSteel which is a leader in nano-structured steel materials design. The new steel alloy technology offers unique material characteristics that are not currently available today that will reduce vehicle weight and increase fuel economy.

GM Ventures LLC which is a subsidiary of General Motors, was created to invest in new promising automotive technologies. And NanoSteel could be one of the most promising new technologies to come along in a long time. NanoSteel has already created a new class of steel through the development of patented alloys, that will allow engineers and designers the ability to reduce weight by using the new steel technology in new vehicles. They will be able to use thinner gauges of steel that will be lighter, but will still maintain strength and structural integrity needed for safety.

An alternative to more expensive weight-reducing materials

NanoSteel’s new steel design is an alternative to other light-weight materials like carbon-fiber which costs much more and requires new investment in parts production and has performance limitations. GM Ventures is hoping that the investment in the nano-structured steel material designs will have a widespread impact on the auto industry.


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