MINI Rocketman Concept

With MINI Rocketman Concept size does matter

BMW is rolling out and updated version of the MINI Rocketman Concept for the world to see at the 2012 Olympic games in London.

When the MINI Rocketman Concept was unveiled for the world to see at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, it created quite a stir with its small stature and tight turning radius. BMW is renewing the focus on the tiny car as they will introduce an updated version of the concept car at the 2012 summer Olympics in London. That renewed focus comes at a time when the global auto community is ready for a fuel-efficient premium car with conventional technology.

With the general public still slow to embrace electric cars, carmakers are looking for ways to offer fuel-efficient cars with conventional technology. The MINI Rocketman Concept will compete with the new electrics and plug-in hybrids that have been coming onto the scene recently. So it’s no surprise that BMW is using the world stage to draw attention to its small but fuel-efficient concept car.

The MINI Rocketman Concept is small but fun

The ground-breaking new concept car from MINI offers the driving fun we have come to expect from the German carmaker, but offers it in a small package. The Rocketman Concept has an overall exterior length of just over three meters and it will turn in extremely tight spaces. The small car is considered a 3+1-seater, with its three doors. Even though it comes in a small package, the little car still offers the same timeless core values that the brand has been known for. It produces the same “smile-inducing agility” while offering exceptional efficiency.


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