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Millionaire Guess Jeans CEO loses 11 Ferraris and things more valuable [Video]

The co-founder of Guess Jeans is bankrupt and his $24.5 million Beverly Hills mansion and 11 Ferrari’s are seized in forced bankruptcy proceedings.

Guess Jean co-founder Georges Marciano had an opulent lifestyle after he had amassed a fortune in the clothing industry. But now his $24.5 million Beverly Hills mansion and eleven Ferrari’s are gone in a forced bankruptcy brought on by a lawsuit by former employees. The poor immigrant has a rags to riches story that is quite amazing as he developed an empire that was worth as much as $500 million.

After arriving from France, Marciano started Guess Inc. in Los Angeles in 1981 with his three brothers. After growing up in poverty, Georges dropped out of school at 15 and got involved in the garment industry. He launched his own line of skintight jeans that were zippered at the cuffs and softened by repeated washings with pumice stone. The Guess brand became a huge hit and his company grew into a multi-million dollar corporation.

Life was good for the self-made man and he began to enjoy the fruits of his labor by buying a 20,000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion on Crescent Drive, antique guns, millions in gold coins, eleven Ferraris, a $16-million, 84-carat diamond he named for his daughter, Chloe, and a valuable art collection that included some Rockwells, Marc Chagall, and Ed Ruscha paintings. He also owned two other palatial residences on Sunset Boulevard, a Boeing 737, a cellar full of priceless wines and homes in Utah and France.


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