Hot Wheels Double Loop stunt

Hot Wheels sets world record Double Loop stunt at X Games [Video]

Team Hot Wheels lands Guinness World Record as drivers race through 60-foot double loop at Los Angeles X Games 2012.

Two Hot Wheels Team drivers, Greg Tracy and Tanner Foust set a Guinness World Records title yesterday for successfully racing through a 60-foot-tall double vertical loop at X Games Los Angeles 2012. The Team Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare is a life-sized version of a Hot Wheels orange track set. The two drivers raced simultaneously through the giant 60-foot loop and defied gravity exerting a force of 7 G’s at a speed of 52 mph.

Greg Tracy, who is a top Hollywood stuntman, won the challenge as he edged Yellow Team Driver Tanner Foust. Foust is an accomplished driver himself, and is a three-time X Games gold medalist. Most kids grew up with Hot Wheels toys and this event at the Los Angeles X Games 2012 gives kids of all ages the chance to see the game brought to life.

“Boys of all ages around the world imagine playing with Hot Wheels on a life-size scale – and our vision with Team Hot Wheels was to transform this fantasy into reality,” said Simon Waldron, vice president marketing, wheels, Mattel. “The Double Loop Dare was truly a can’t-miss spectacle that altered the Los Angeles skyline. Anyone downtown couldn’t miss this massive six-story-tall bright orange structure — it was unmistakably Hot Wheels.”

The video below shows the Team Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare that was modeled after the track set game. The game is available world-wide and lets kids race their 1:64 scale Hot Wheels cars side-by-side in a vertical loop competition. Like most professional race drivers, both drivers grew up playing with cars like Hot Wheels, and eventually developed a love for racing and took it to real-life racing on the track.


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Awesome...what a great promo stunt for hot wheels.