Find out your trip duration based on current traffic using Google Maps

Google Maps has a new feature that uses both live and historic traffic data to help drivers estimate their travel time.

Google maps is making it easier to get to your destination by offering a new program that will tell you how long it will take based on current traffic conditions. Even though there are a number of navigation options since the arrival of smartphones, Google is offering something new to Maps: real-time-traffic.

Anyone who has to be at an appointment or get to the airport to catch a flight, will benefit from Google’s new feature. Google previously offered traffic data, however, this is the first time data has been available as part of directions. Mashable Tech reports the new feature introduced last week improves upon the old system of providing users with the worst case traffic scenario based on historic traffic data.

The new Google feature offers estimated travel times within Google Maps based on real-time traffic conditions. Now you can find out how long several routes might take with no traffic, as well as how long the trip might be based on the current traffic conditions.


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