Acura NSX Roadster

The Avengers to feature new Acura NSX Roadster

Acura and Marvel Entertainment, LLC, announced the details of their promotional campaign for this summer's most anticipated film, Marvel's The Avengers. A one-off Acura NSX Roadster was created specifically for the film.

Acura is the automotive sponsor for Marvel Studio's upcoming movie The Avengers, and will feature a one-off convertible version of its 2015 NSX sports car. Honda says the car was specifically created for the film, but it shares much in common with the NSX hybrid coupe concept that was first revealed in January at the Detroit motor show.

Acura released an image of the new roadster from the movie identifying it only as "an Acura convertible sports car". An NSX roadster has been rumored, but has never been confirmed by the Japanese automaker. Now, Honda is hinting that a rag-top edition of the new hybrid performance car is under consideration for production. Acura is possibly using the appearance of the roadster in the movie to gauge interest in the car and determine whether to build a production version.


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