Audi RS5 Pikes Peak edition

Audi RS5 Ride and Drive contest announced [Updated] Video

Audi has revealed the special RS5 Pikes Peak racer that was teased earlier in the week by the German automaker with a new Ride and Drive contest.

Audi has announced they are making a donation to, and raising social media awareness for, the Battle of the Blaze fund also supported by the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The fund is aimed at providing relief to people affected by the wildfires that devastated communities surrounding Pikes Peak earlier this summer. They also announced the "ultimate ride and drive contest."

Audi teased the new RS5 Pikes Peak racer ahead of the beginning of the race, and today revealed the car. Audi also released a video showing the RS5 along with an entrant to the race from Ducati. Audi says “Audi and Ducati are teaming up at Pikes Peak to celebrate their common heritage at this iconic mountain.” And they say they will give us more information tomorrow.

This years Pikes Peak Hill Climb was cancelled do to the Waldo Canyon forest fire near Colorado Springs and will begin formally on August 12th. Audi is celebrating this years race in a special way by reliving some very important history. 25 years ago, racing legend Walter Rohrl took his Audi Sport Quattro S1 and took his car on a record-setting run up Pikes Peak. He reached the summit in ten minutes and forty-eight seconds.

This is record that still stands today. Although other cars have reached the summit faster, that was after the track was paved. Rohrl‘s world-famous Pikes Peak record-setting time was accomplished on a dirt track making it even more impressive. Rohrl ran the Pikes Peak record-setting time in ten minutes and forty-eight seconds.


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